Our promise to you....

Immaculate Conception is a place alive in Christ. Our hope and intent is to create a place where:

• you'll experience prayerful and uplifting Liturgies that inspire and feed you
• you can embrace a transformation to become what God created you to be
• you'll be valued and recognized
• you can utilize your unique gifts and talents in the service of others for our God
• you're loved and supported regardless of the messiness and struggles in your life
• your financial contributions will be honored and put to work for building up the kingdom of God with transparency and accountability


Our Expectation of You....

As Christians, we also carry with us expectations for how we live our lives as Catholics in community with each other. This is what is expected of you....


To Worship

We gather to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday (the Lord’s day). We expect all members of the parish to gather for Sunday worship unless they are unable to do so because of illness or travel. It is when we gather on the Lord’s day to be nourished by Word and Sacrament that we remember who we are and are given food for the journey.


To Connect

The Church is a community of believers and not simply a collection of individuals who gather for one hour a week. Christian community is one in which we are truly accountable to one another and accountable for one another. We expect every parishioner to contribute to the task of building community by seeing themselves as an integral part of the life of this parish. And being intentional in reaching out and connecting with each other.


To Grow

To become a follower of Jesus Christ is to be his disciple. Jesus said “this is the will of my Father, that you should become my disciples.” (John 15:8). A disciple literally means “one who is learning.” We believe that learning and growing are lifelong tasks. When we cease to learn and grow we cease to be disciples and will experience stagnation in our spiritual lives. We expect every member of Immaculate Conception Parish to commit to at least one program of faith formation each year. We need to remember that our commitment to growth helps those arounds us to grow as well. In this way the Church becomes healthy.


To Serve

Jesus said, “the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.” (Mark 10:45). The essence of the Christian life is to serve God and one another. The Church is not healthy when it forgets this truth. We are called not just to serve individually, but to do so in community as the Church. In this way we give witness that the Church is the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. We also believe that every parishioner, without exception, has something to offer, something they do well and can do for the sake of the Kingdom of God. We expect every parishioner to serve the parish by being involved in at least one ministry each year.


To Give

We expect parishioners to give generously of their financial resources in proportion to what they have received. We give not just to meet a few basic needs or to pay the costs of maintaining the Church building and a few staff. We give out of gratitude to God. The more the parish receives, the more we can do for the building up of God’s Kingdom. The more we can help the poor, the more programs we can run to help others grow. No one is excluded from this. If someone has less, they give less. If someone has more they give more. This is the offering we make every Sunday Eucharist and this is why we make it.