A Place of Healing, Prayer and Direction

“The Cenacle” is a place for prayer located at 718 Oakland St., where parish community members come for Spiritual Direction, Counseling, Family Counseling, Healing and Prayer on an individual, family or small group basis. Some ministries within our parish community require confidentiality, privacy and prayer, on an individual, family, or small group level.


Upon entering the building there is a small reception area where attendees can wait and be greeted for their scheduled appointment time.


We ask that while you are in the building to maintain a reverent silence, being respectful of those in sessions throughout the building. We also request that you remain in the reception area until your scheduled appointment time.


Help us make this a “House of Prayer” for all who come.


Access to the building is by appointment only.


For more information about using The Cenacle, please contact: Pete Greko (954-682-7183)