Dear Parishioners,

Peace and blessings!

With a new year there are often changes that come with things we have always done, like writing a check. Affective now, checks made out for any of the friars must be made out to the Capuchin Friars. Since we do not have personal bank accounts, we will not be able to cash them. This goes for weddings, funerals, baptisms, or that kind gift we get from time to time. This is also in line with our vow of poverty that we Capuchin profess. Thanks for your cooperation.

Next Sunday at the 11:30 Mass we will have the renewal of marriage vows for those couples celebrating special anniversaries.

Men of the parish, don’t forget about signing up for the February 9th Men’s Retreat.

In today's Gospel, we learn that the people of Nazareth are impressed by Jesus' words, and yet they seem surprised. They still think of Jesus as merely Joseph's son. They do not expect such words from someone they believe that they know. How open are you to accept what Jesus says?

Have a blessed week.

In His peace,

Fr. Martin