Dear Parishioners and friends,

Peace and blessings!

As we continue to celebrate this great feast of Christmas, on behalf of the Friars I would like to thank you for your many cards and gifts. It all comes together this weekend as we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. We are grateful to be a part of the family of Immaculate Conception and are grateful for all of you. May this New Year fill you with many choice blessings.
Let me use this time as well to thank all of you who are involved in many of our ministries here. Often the ministry that you are involved in can seem to go unnoticed. Yes, you are noticed and appreciated more then you realize. So, as we bring this year to a close, a big THANK YOU to all of you. God bless you!!

Reflect, today, upon your own family life.  Some families are strong in virtue, some struggle with basic communication.  Some are faithful day in and day out, some are broken and deeply wounded.  No matter the case, know that God wants to enter more deeply into your family life just as it is right now. 

Have a Blessed New Year!

In His peace,

Fr. Martin