Council of Ministries

Under the guidance of our Pastor, some are called to provide leadership for the ministries and activities of our parish. We refer to our senior leadership team as Stewardship – Council of Ministries.

Stewardship provides the overarching leadership for all parish ministerial activities. Stewardship follows a more classic definition of what a steward actually does. This function is entrusted with the oversight of Christ’s church and what is valuable within our parish – namely His ministries, the execution of the ministerial tasks, and the lives of the faithful.


Guide, Uplift and Protect 

Stewardship has a main purpose – to guide, uplift and protect the ministries. In guiding the ministries, Stewardship will establish, review and assess ministerial effectiveness as it relates to the Mission. In uplifting the Ministries, Stewardship will be responsible for ensuring the ministries are connected to each other and to our Lord. Stewardship is also responsible for protecting the ministries from confusion, mission-creep, despair and prideful ownership. Stewardship will spend time with each ministry and school organization doing intensive discernment related to purpose, focus and effectiveness as well as charisms of leaders.


Provide Purpose and Missional Focus 

The Stewardship Leader will regularly convene the full Council of Ministries on a monthly basis. In addition to the Stewardship Leader, this Council consists of the Seven Core Ministry Leaders (Praying, Teaching, Serving, Healing, Outreach, Fellowship and Leadership) along with the four additional Shepherding Leaders (Discipleship, Mission, Finance, and Pastoral Advisor). This core group of 12 leaders under the guidance of the Pastor will meet to provide support, purpose and missional focus for the ministerial functions and activities of our Parish.

In summary, Stewardship is entrusted with the responsibility for ordering, maintaining, evaluating and renewing a parish that breathes the living body of Christ.


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