1. What areas can I give to Immaculate Conception?

Donations can be designated for various funds online or through your check’s memo line.


2. What are non-cash ways I can give to Immaculate Conception?

We can accept donations of stock, property, IRA proceeds, and other non-cash options.


3. How can I give to Immaculate Conception in my Estate Plan?

We highly encourage everyone to make sure they have an estate plan set up. There are potential tax benefits to giving to a charity like Immaculate Conception through your plan. See Legacy Giving – Wills and Estate Planning for more information.


4. How is my online giving kept secure?

Credit card and bank account processing is accomplished using secure processing services. Your entry of this information is encrypted when transmitted and not kept on Immaculate Conception computers. We do not sell your information to third parties.


5. What if I want to change my online giving amounts?

You may cancel or make changes to your pending contributions at any time. Once your contribution has processed, you cannot make any changes to it through your online giving account.


6. Can I view my past giving history online?

Your past history of giving both online and in service contributions are available to view online.


7. Who can I call if I still have questions or need assistance with any aspect of my giving?

Please call Jeannie Hinek at 828-693-6901 for more information.