What is the Mass and why is it Important? 

Our word “Eucharist” is a Greek word meaning to “give thanks.” The Eucharistic prayer is the very heart of the Mass and is our powerful act of thanksgiving to our Lord. We present ourselves in an act of gratefulness – grateful for the salvation he brings to us, for the life-giving food he feeds to us and for his unending love. For witnessing the wonder, the unearned right to serve, fulfill and to adore. Jesus then makes himself present to us. But not just symbolically. He is present in absolute realness – in his body, blood, soul and divinity. And we become one with him.


Celebration and Sacrifice - Why do we use these terms? 

We speak in terms of the “Celebration of the Mass” and the “Sacrifice of the Mass.” Our celebration is evident in the recognition of the supreme sacrifice Christ made for us. Without His sacrifice for our sins, we are without life. His action brings us salvation and life everlasting. So we celebrate. However, our Mass is also a Mass of Sacrifice. As seen by John the Apostle in Revelation, we become earthly participants in the Heavenly sacrifice that is the fulfillment of the cross at Calvary.

The Mass does not re-crucify Christ. Rather the Mass makes present the completed and glorified sacrifice that Jesus forever offers to the Father in Heaven. While His glorified Body and Blood are offered at Mass, the earthly aspect of shedding His blood is not repeated. Thus at each Mass, the same Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross is present and offered in an un-bloody manner during Mass.


Where Heaven and Earth become one, Christ’s glorified Body and Blood provide the unceasing, once-for-all sacrifice for our sins that He offers to His heavenly Father – forever. Christ’s sacrifice transcends time, it transcends earthly bounds, it transcends all. Heaven and Earth come together as one during the Mass. This is what is happening when we participate in Eucharistic communion with our Lord. It is a mystery and it is awesome.

A Love Never Ending 

Jesus did this for us nearly 2000 years ago, and He is doing this for us now. His love for us is that intense, His covenant to save His people is that everlasting. The Eucharist we are privileged to witness during the Mass is at the very heart of our Salvation. We invite you to come and share in the mystery and the beauty. To feel inspired. To feel consoled. To be forgiven. To know his love. To come home.