We all have a Gift

As a follower of Jesus, we are invited into a story so much bigger than ourselves. As a Christian, you’re on a mission to spread the good news about Jesus and reach out through acts of service and compassion. And you have an important role to play.

God is calling you to a unique purpose in life, a work of love that only you can do. But how do you discern your spiritual gifts? How do you discern your call? What is your vocation? What is your purpose?

All of us have received gifts, through our Baptism and Confirmation. This becomes the way God intends his love to reach others through each of us. This includes you. We invite you to come and discover these gifts!

Immaculate Conception values the gifts you have and we want to help you in your journey to bring glory to our Lord through the unique calling you have been given. You matter to God and you matter to your Parish family.

If you are…

• someone simply on a journey of discovery.

• a parent who wants to help their children live their faith and recognize their gifts.
• a young adult who is discerning a career or vocational direction.
• someone in transition: changing jobs, empty nesters, returning to the workplace, facing retirement.
• a new or returning Catholic who wants to explore what it means to live their faith as an adult.

If any of these describe you and this opportunity quickens your heart, please contact Dave Coe (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . Dave heads up our Leadership Ministry and he would love to hear your story.

We can talk to you in more depth about the “Called and Gifted Workshop” and our “Life in the Spirit Seminar.” Both of these programs are designed to bring you into a deeper level of discernment and connection.


A Life of Fulfillment

At Immaculate Conception we believe our Church’s teaching and the Bible are clear on this – a Christian life is a life of fulfillment in Jesus. It is a life of wonder and engagement. It is a life called by our Lord.

We want every one of our parish family to better understand how they fit into God’s plan and to embrace our spiritual gifts as a light and a blessing. We do this for our families, our friends, our community and for our God. May we bring glory to them all.


Open your heart and listen to the Lord’s plan for your life. He’s waiting for you.