Principle Focus: To offer prayers for Parish intentions
Team Member Charisms: Faith, Intercessory Prayer, Voluntary Poverty
Patron Saint: St. Faustina
Ministry Leader: Terry Fishleigh


Definition and Responsibilities:

Prayer is Jesus’ connection to the Father. And in the Praying Ministry, this team offers the desires, gratitude, repentance, sorrows, joys and pleas of our parish to the Father through his Son. These intercessions on behalf of the parish are missional in nature as they take the intercessor into the heart of Jesus. This is why this team can be thought of as intercessory missionaries. This team seeks out all parishioners and parish activities and is actively and unceasingly offering the life of the parish up to God.


While contemplative in nature, the members of this team use their ministerial gifts as intentional and active disciples during the act of prayer. Note that this ministry is called a “Praying Ministry” as opposed to a “Prayer Ministry.” They are active and not passive in their intent. These members persevere in intercession for others - and at times for those they may not know or even meet. This ministry provides the true work of the church – to connect the will of God to the will of his people through prayer.


The following list contains the Praying Ministries offered at Immaculate Conception. Please contact the Ministry Leader listed above for more information.

Centering Prayer
Prayer Anchor
Prayer Shawl
Eucharistic Adoration
Mary’s Mission