Principle Focus: Bring the healing touch of Jesus to the suffering, hurting and lost.
Team Member Charisms: Discernment of Spirits, Encouragement, Faith, Healing, Mercy
Patron Saint: St. Lucy
Ministry Leader: Sherry Glatzer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Definition and Responsibilities:

Of the 37 recorded miracles Jesus performed in the gospels, 28 of those were for healing. The healing touch of Jesus was a central and powerful part of his life. The force of his healing is evidenced in three powerful ways –

(1) deliverance from the chains that bind us and
(2) the inner healing that heals the unseen wounds of our hearts and spirit, and
(3) the life giving power of sacramental reconciliation.

Through the power of healing prayer and wise counsel, the Healing Ministry will bring the loving power of Jesus Christ to the broken, lost, sick and hurting. The Healing Ministry will use the tools of repentance and faith, forgiveness, renunciation, authority and in boldly seeking the blessing from God our Father.


 At its core, the Healing Ministry is about bringing freedom to those who are held captive by the forces and chains that take us away from Jesus. Above all, this ministry listens, loves and prays. Fragile hearts are entrusted to the hands of this ministry and these ministers must sense this reality always. And for this reason, the Healing Ministry will take great care and discernment in understanding who the Spirit is calling to this ministry – maybe more care than any other ministry our parish is involved with.


 The following list contains the Healing Ministries offered at Immaculate Conception. Please contact the Ministry Leader listed above for more information.

Spiritual Direction
Divorced and Separated