"Do whatever He tells you" John 2:5

In the life of our parish community, we take a straightforward approach to ministry. In all our activities and community work, we model our ministries on the life of Jesus. We simply do what he did. We go where he goes. We touch those he touched. Nothing fancy or complicated. Just follow his example.


1) We Pray, offering the needs of our families and our communities to our Lord.
2) We Teach, instructing in the ways of our Lord.
3) We Serve, in humble and heartfelt caring for the needs of others.
4) We Heal, bringing the touch of Jesus to those that are hurting, broken and lost.
5) We Reach Out, seeking the least of these.
6) We come together in Fellowship, sharing our lives together.
7) and we bring forth Leaders.


These are the seven ministries that provide the foundation of our parish life lived out in Christ. These seven ministries represent the works of Christ as a body in full unity with itself. They operate in concert with each other to bring Glory in all its fullness to our Lord. While each serves a distinct purpose, they can’t and must not be separated. His ministries are His church, and the Church is His bride. Forever bound together in unity.


Simple and Intentional 

We pray and believe this is what our Lord wants – simple and intentional. Easy to understand, articulate, grasp and compel us forward. We pray this organization is truly a living and breathing organism and not simply a “structural necessity.” And we pray that we not only mirror His life but come to truly live it.