St. Joseph Center Questions

1. Why do we need more meeting space?

The parish conducted a survey of all ministry leaders to determine what they saw as their space needs. We received a varied list of responses including insufficient meeting space during prime time, not being able to get a room when desired, getting bumped from St. Francis room for Confirmation classes, insufficient storage space, and heavy utilization of space over the Friday-Sunday period. This results in meetings running into late evening, causing security concerns. A detailed report is available from the parish office.  Our facilities planning committee, led by JR Christy, is also using data acquired from the survey to plan room sizes in the St. Joseph Center utilizing the movable walls technology in the building. We currently have 113 ministries and 440 children in Faith Formation, Life Teen and Edge.


2. Can we afford the operating costs of the new building?

Yes, this is a “green” building and this has been reviewed with finance and facilities committees with their approval and has been included in balancing our budget. Income from the tenants will help with offsetting operating costs for the first 18 months.

3. Who will use the St. Joseph Center?

The parish as a whole including: Faith Formation, Life Teen, Edge, ministry meeting space, office space, and a nursery for families with young children.


4. What are the costs associated with the building, i.e., utilities, insurance?

Current operating costs are approximately $50,000 a year (utilities, cleaning, taxes, insurance, etc.) and will be offset by rent from tenants until September 2019. Rental income is approximately $100,000 per year.


Immaculata School Questions 

5. When will the safety upgrades be completed at the school building?

Initial work will start summer 2019 and will be completed in phases so as not to interrupt school operations.


6. How many students are enrolled at the school?

There are currently 140 enrolled in K – 8 for 2018-19 school year.


7. Is there any chance the school will close and if so, why do we need St.Joseph Center?

The school is in excellent financial shape. In fact, enrollment is up over 40% in the past few years. Both the parish and diocese are committed to the school for the long term.


8. Why are we updating the school building?

The school building is an integral part of the parish and is 57 years old. No substantial upgrades have been made since 1960.  For a complete list of improvements that will be made as a result of this campaign, click here. 


9. Where will the classes/school move while these upgrades are being done?

The improvements will be completed in phases over the summers and school breaks starting in 2019, so as not to interfere with the school year and classes.


10. Why don’t we use the classrooms for meeting space?

Classrooms are used by Faith Formation, but adult usage is difficult due to the fact that furniture is sized for young people.


11. How will the contributions be split between church and school?

It is our hope and plan that we will raise the full $2.5 million ($1.0 million for school improvements and $1.5 million for St. Joseph Center). We believe the goals are absolutely attainable, given our parish census and giving levels.


12. What happened to the money our parish received from Forward in Faith Hope and Love?

The money was spent on the T-coil for hearing aid improvements, purchasing and installing the new video equipment in the sanctuary and school gym, and to partially fund smart boards for classrooms.