Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As you may have seen, our new roof is now installed, and it will bring protection and beauty to our church building for years to come. Some parts of the roof were over 20 years old, while the main roof had been altered less than 10 years ago. However, due to some lessthansolid workmanship by previous contractors, there was some leaking and rot caused by our main roof. The trapped moisture (because of improper venting by previous contractors) was causing further damage to both our roof and our sanctuary.

The Diocese of Charlotte provided a roofing consultant and the roofing contractor we selected did outstanding work. All areas of our roof are now properly vented, which will allow for air circulation and a much healthier roof for decades to come. Work will continue on some gutter and downspout repair and replacement, and then some areas damaged by the previously leaking roof will be repaired.

All these repairs and our beautiful new roof and gutters are due to your generosity. Thank you for being good stewards of this parish church!

I know concern is growing for some over the resurgence of the COVID19 virus; just when we think we have moved past this pandemic, variants emerge that require us to redouble our vigilance. As of this writing, there have been no mask mandates handed down by government officials or our Diocese.

Along with the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and our Bishop, I encourage everyone to be vaccinated against COVID19; it is free, and widely available and Holy Mother Church has taught that Catholics may morally receive the vaccine. If you have not been vaccinated, or have any COVID symptoms, or are coughing/sneezing at Mass, I strongly encourage you to wear masks at large indoor gatherings such as Mass. We must love one another enough to do our part to slow the spread of COVID19 and all its variants.

As always if anything changes regarding COVID19 procedures I will circulate that information.

Be assured of my prayers always,
Fr. Cook