Good Samaritan Fund Update

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

The Finance Council and I have been working on how to securely administer the Good Samaritan Fund which is designed to help the needy in Henderson County.  There are more people asking for help since the Covid-19 pandemic, yet our parish office cannot yet open to the general public, as  we must follow all the safety and  security guidelines established by the CDC and NC government. It is no longer feasible to administer charitable distributions from our church office during the pandemic, nor do we perceive an ability to do so in the future, for the safety and security of our staff. 

For the last few months, to honor the intent of the donors, the Finance Council has been evaluating which   Henderson County charities are currently providing these services required by the needy.   

The Finance Council has recommended four local charities: Interfaith Assistance Ministries (IAM), The Free Clinics, Safelight and Open Arms Pregnancy Center.  I support, and have accepted, these recommendations as these charities have a proven process to screen, track and fairly administer the distribution of food, clothing, health care, and help with rent, utilities, and transportation. All these charities are supported by our parishioners and many of us volunteer or work for them. These charities rely on fundraisers which were cancelled this spring and the fall events may also be cancelled or go virtual.  Regardless, their funding is reduced, and we are in a position to help through our Good Samaritan Fund. 

Earlier this year we made a donation from the Good Samaritan fund to IAM and to a family whose breadwinner is suffering from cancer and is unable to work; we have also continued to financially assist families who come to us in need.  I have authorized donations to the four selected charities who can spread our gifts to more of our neighbors in need. Giving is not God’s way of raising money; it is God’s way of raising people into the likeness of His Son.

God bless you and thank you for your continued generosity.

Fr. Christian Cook


Immaculate Conception Church