Dear Parishioners,

July is typically the month in which Diocesan priests are transferred, and it is the case here at Immaculate Conception this year.  Bishop Jugis has asked Father Britt Taylor to serve in a different parish, so he will be leaving Immaculate Conception.

Effective August 4, 2020, Father Taylor will be assigned as Parochial Vicar at St. Leo the Great in Winston, Salem.  And while we wish he was not leaving so soon, we know that he will be a valuable asset to St. Leo’s, and their new pastor Father Christopher Gober.

One of the promises a priest makes to his bishop on the day of ordination is that of obedience.  And one of the toughest moments to fulfil that promise is when a priest is asked to take on a new assignment.  Change is never easy, but it is a constant in the priestly vocation and so, in humble obedience we endeavor to do as our Bishop asks.

So we thank Father Taylor for his service as a priest of Jesus Christ here at Immaculate Conception, where he preached the unchanging Truth of the Faith, where he guided school children in prayer, anointed the sick, forgave sin in the confessional, and helped those who came to know him grow in faith and holiness.  A priest is charged as a shepherd of souls, and we thank Father Taylor for being just that in his time with us.

The Bishop will assign another Parochial Vicar to Immaculate Conception, and we pray for whomever that may be.  But this weekend, let us focus our prayers in favor of Father Taylor, as he continues his work as a priest of Jesus Christ, for the salvation of souls.  Thank you, Father Taylor; may God bless you abundantly!

In Christ, through Mary the Immaculate Conception,


Fr Cook