Dear Parishioners,  

As we come to the end of summer, our parish and school are certainly starting to buzz with excitement and activity. Our new principal, Ms. Margaret Beale, and her teachers and staff are welcoming new students, as they start an exciting year of renewal at Immaculata. I encourage all parishioners, and especially school parents, to become involved in building a strong PTO increasing overall parent involvement to support the mission of Catholic education.

Father Taylor will soon begin the training of altar servers, as we seek to bring a holy discipline to our service at the Altar of God. Servers should have already received Holy Communion, and should be mature understand the great responsibility of serving at the Altar with great reverence. Father Taylor will see that servers receive proper formation before they begin to function, including: appropriate guidance on maintaining proper decorum and attire when serving Mass; instruction on the Mass, and its parts and their meaning; objects used in the liturgy (their names and use); and the various functions of the server during the Mass and other liturgical celebrations. I encourage all young people, and especially young men, to see Father Taylor about joining in this important apostolate.  

And finally, I would like to announce that, after consultation with the head of facilities and architecture at the Diocesan level, our Capital Campaign committee, and others, I am moving the Parish Offices to the newly acquired St. Joseph Center, hopefully in September. I want to honor the many contributions to our Capital Campaign which allowed the acquisition of this property, and properly maximizing the use of this wonderful building will support that end.  

With our Parish Office located at the St. Joseph Center, along with Faith Formation and meeting space, the building will become a hub of daily parish activity. Our parish office staff will be able to work in a professional environment, all under one roof, and thereby extend ever greater customer service to our parishioners and visitors. Such an impressive building warrants being more than evening meeting space and, with this move, the St. Joseph Center becomes the face of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception. The current parish office space in the church basement will be repurposed for additional meeting space, youth and prayer group space (access to our chapel), and a dedicated choir practice space (underscoring the importance of that apostolate).  

If you have not already done so, I hope this news encourages you to consider making a pledge to assist in bringing our Capital Campaign to the finish line. Be assured of the prayers of Fr. Taylor and myself for you and your families, through the intercession of Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

Fr. Cook