What does it mean to be Missional?

As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we are a missional people. We are called to go to those in our parish, our families and our community and be the living presence of God in the lives of everyone we meet. This is our Parish Mission:  

We are a joyful Catholic Community of disciples
of Jesus Christ,
moved by love,
to seek the lost and the broken and bring them home.


Our Mission provides an answer to three basic questions:

1) Who are we? -- We are a joyful Catholic Community of disciples of Jesus Christ.
2) Where are we to go? -- To seek the lost and the broken.
3) What are we to do when we get there? -- Bring them Home.


Allowing Love to Move Us....

And just as love is the defining attribute of our Lord, the phrase, “Moved by Love” is centrally placed in our Mission. Love becomes the essential bridge that connects us from who we are to where we are called to go. And this connection is made possible only through love. A love that breathes meaning into our lives. A love that binds us in profound communion with each other. A love that is the essence of our Lord and the very face of God. And a love that gives us hope. This is the essence of our task – it all flows from love.


Our Prayer 

Dear Lord, we pray this Mission has the ability to touch, inspire and move your people. That it speaks to each of our hearts. That it unifies us without limiting our movement. That it provides focus while not constraining. And that it calls us to respond to the promptings of the Spirit – uniquely as individuals and communally as the body of Christ. May we bring them home. Amen.