Fr. Christian Cook



Father Christian Cook comes to us from Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Greensboro, NC, where he served as Parochial Vicar. He also served as Chaplain at Bishop McGuiness Catholic High School in Kernerville, NC.

Born in High Point, NC, he was baptized and made his First Communion at Immaculate Heart of Mary. “In third grade,” he recalls, “we moved to Asheville and I continued school at St. Eugene, and Asheville Catholic School.”

That’s where Fr. Cook first felt “really drawn to the priesthood.” He enjoyed serving Mass, and being with the priests of the parish, but he didn’t feel his true calling until he was practicing law in Raleigh. “It took a few years to sort out the call,” he remembers.

A Scriptural passage that affected the discernment of his vocation was Psalm 4. “It always stuck with me, and drew me to leaving my career and studying for the priesthood,” he explains. “It reads: ‘O men, how long will your hearts be closed, will you love what is futile and seek what is false?’” Fr. Cook began to realize that “loving my corporate career was loving something false and futile, relative to my soul, and it helped me to detach from my corporate life, and head to the seminary in 2011.”

“I love to read, hike, and spend time with my family. My father lives in Asheville, and I have a younger brother in Florida, and a sister in Georgia. We are all very close, and I love to travel to see them; I also like to travel with other priests, and enjoy our fraternal time together.” Father Cook also loves sports, and likes going to games, or watching them on TV. “A new hobby I would like to get into is model railroading,” he says hopefully. “A deacon at my previous parish got me interested, and some parishioners here have invited me to the local model railroad club, so I’m looking forward to that.” In addition smiling faces and subtle, smart humor always make Father smile! So does “listening to country music, and classic rock while driving.” He pretty much likes all kinds of food “…except liver!” Looking to the future, Fr. Cook hopes “to organize a pilgrimage for our parishioners’ one of these days.”


Fr. Britt Taylor

Parochial Vicar


Parochial Vicar, Fr. Britt Taylor, grew up in Charlotte, NC, the youngest of three boys. It was while he was in second or third grade in the Catholic School System that he first felt the call to become a priest. “I went back and forth about accepting the call,” he remembers. “It was only at the end of my fourth year at North Carolina State College that I realized God was truly calling me, and I entered the seminary.”

Fr. Taylor was ordained on June 22, 2019, two months before being assigned to Immaculate Conception Parish where he has found the parishioners very welcoming and gracious. While rewarding, the work here at Immaculate Conception has also been challenging. “The most challenging part,” he says, “has been the schedule here at the parish. Going from three priests to just two means that we have been spread thin in various aspects of our ministry. Trying to take care of our own spiritual life has been something that we must be deliberate about here at a large parish.” To relax, he tries to golf at least once a week on his day off. He is also “a bit of a history buff!” Learning about World War II from his grandfather has always peaked his interest in this topic. “ I even enjoy building and painting models associated with this era of history,” he says with a smile.

Father Taylor’s favorite prayer is also his prayer of thanksgiving after celebrating Mass. “Each time I celebrate Mass, I recite Mary’s Magnificat because it summarizes so well the gift that I have received in both my priestly ordination, and being able to receive our Lord in the Eucharist.”

Deacon Mark Nash

Permanent Deacon

I am assigned to Immaculate Conception where I serve as a Permanent Deacon. I am also the western regional head of Catholic Charities of Charlotte with an office in Asheville.